Recourse Details for Part Time Diploma Students

Recourse Details for Part Time Diploma Students

by Sir Hoon Yeo -
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Dear Part Time Students,


Recourse List

Please refer to the attached recourse list to check if you need to take recourse in April 2017 Semester. Other important recourse details such as type of assessment and course leader name can also be found in the list.



If you are scheduled to take recourse this semester, you will need to pay the recourse fee by Fri, 9 Jun 2017 @ 5:00 pm so that you are allowed to take the common test/exam/assignment and receive the recourse result.


The payment procedure for recourse is as follows:

1.    Proceed to the Student Services Centre (SSC) and request for a recourse form.

2.       Fill up the form clearly and ask the staff at SSC to acknowledge on the completed form.

3.       With the acknowledged recourse form, proceed to Level 1 Cashier Office to make payment.

4.       After payment, you will receive a receipt. Keep this receipt as proof of payment. Bring along the receipt on your common test/exam day as we may request this receipt for verification


Important Reminder !!!

We would like to remind students that if you are scheduled for recourse this semester but you do not take the assessment, you will be considered to have failed the recourse. According to the School’s academic policy, failing a recourse will lead to dismissal.



  • If you have any question on the payment, you may approach SSC or email

  • If you have any question on the assessment, please contact the respective Course Leaders.

  • If you have any question on the recourse list e.g. why your name is/is not in the list, please contact your Programme Manager.



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